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Our Mission at Sacramento Web Design Group

Sacramento Web Design Group was formed with one thing in mind: to provide Sacramento businesses with a cost-effective alternative to traditional Sacramento website design. We have worked exclusively with WordPress now for over 10 years and believe it is the best possible solution for virtually any business, especially local Sacramento Websites. 

Our experienced team of web designers can provide you with a customized WordPress Design geared toward your Sacramento keywords and have you ranking within Google in no time. Now, while we're not magicians, we are very knowledgeable in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. The founder of Sacramento Web Design Group has spent more than 1/2 of his life, a total of over 22 years in the trenches with the major search engines long before Google ever appeared on the scene. During that time he worked with many small businesses that have blossomed today into multimillion-dollar conglomerates. 

Back then, all websites had to be coded from the ground up. There was no WordPress, no templates, and no platforms in which you could install a plugin within 3 minutes and create all kinds of new functionality on your website. All those features are now currently available from Sacramento Web Design Group

Sacramento WordPress Design and SEO Finally Made Affordable

Sacramento Web Design Group is here to offer you a solution to your website design problems and help you improve your current website online marketing efforts tenfold. We offer an array of services like web hosting, eCommerce, product catalogs and sales, and high optimized content management systems such as WordPress website design. Our WordPress Design Packages start at an unbeatable $2500. Now you won’t have to empty your bank account or mortgage your home in order to have the internet business you have always desired. Not only are our WordPress Design Packages affordable, but we can quickly get your new website up and running with photos, content, logo, and all the features you’d expect within 14-21 working days. That’s a phenomenal price and quick turnaround, and you get all the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built-in. Sacramento Web Design Group’s SEO services come from over 20 years of experience in Internet Marketing and Website Promotion. So you know your getting the best value in the industry and a website that Google, Bing, and Yahoo Will Love! But wait until your customers see it!

Value-Added WordPress Design & SEO

Come find out why Sacramento Web Design Group is the fastest growing web design firm in the Sacramento Valley. I’ll give you a hint: its from providing our customers and Sacramento Small Business Owners the best value in WordPress Design, SEO, Free WordPress Training and then following up with our clients so they know they don’t have to wait by the phone month after month waiting for a call from a developer, designer, and some hourly SEO guy who is simply going through the motions. Okay, so that was more than a hint. You get the picture. In an economy in which we all are experiencing some kind of shortfall, isn’t it time that the one thing your business absolutely needs, “to be online and found by your customers” couldn’t be any simpler, faster and more affordable than one of our WordPress Design Packages?

About The Owner

Sacramento Web Design Group was created by TJ Bernardo. His experience as a Microsoft Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and traveling the world for some of the largest companies in the world within the tech industry, developing his own website promotion company some 22+ years ago, and his love of WordPress has made him one of the most valuable assets to the design, SEO and marketing industries on the internet today. His vast experience in affiliate marketing, eCommerce storefront design and marketing, branding and search engine optimization, and the recent addition of his reputation management expertise covers over 18 years of experience. He built his first SEO company over 25+ years ago as a self-taught website promotion expert. Sacramento Web Design Group is lucky to have him at the helm of its operations and looking forward to him leading us into the future of Internet Marketing, Branding, and Bespoke Website Design.
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