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You have probably heard all commotion by now about the content management systems we call WordPress. Never in the history of CMS has there been a more profound platform for designing high-quality, Google-friendly websites. Our Sacramento WordPress Design Team will quickly build you a “Google Ready” website right out of the box. You still need unique content, some light SEO touches, and a light sprinkle of Social Media proof in order to see just how well this platform performs in Google’s search. Our WordPress design is the best platform when your business needs to focus on content management, web standardization, SEO, and usability features for your clients and your staff. We stopped working with other CMS platforms over 7 years ago, and now our focus here at Sacramento Web Design Group is first and foremost, the development and design of high-quality, high-performance WordPress-designed websites. The days of spending countless hours developing and designing a site over the course of 2-3 months is no longer an option for most companies looking for a strategic approach, especially if they're not able to be first to market, before their competition.

For most sites, WordPress shortens the time to market by up to 2 months. Our firm can quickly design, develop, install and configure your website while completing a competitive SEO strategy for your design. Our average time for completion is 21-30 days. We can bring this affordable and tailor-made solution to your doorstep at a fraction of the cost of other firms in the Sacramento Valley. All the while, we provide a more valued search engine optimization package already included within our design plan that will quickly get your business in Google’s search index within hours, not weeks.
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WordPress is a design platform that makes it simple to manage your content including bringing those that collaborate on your site up to speed in a matter of hours. You can quickly update WordPress when new updates arrive, whether you're updating the core operating system, or just updating the plugins. WordPress has many plugins (think of these as apps on your smartphone) that add additional dynamic functionality to your website, none of which require a developer unless you're asking for something very customized that the free version of the plugin does not support. WordPress websites also allow people within your office or business to contribute content without having the ability to change something that could bring your website down.

Premium WordPress Developer Plugins

WordPress plugins are the brain behind the WordPress design platform and are an essential digital tool for creating the user experience on your WordPress site. Each is a coded program that can be installed on your WordPress site within just a couple minutes. Once installed, they each need to be configured from within the admin console of WordPress to start providing your business the functionality you had intended. These are not programs that somebody just wrote, as they have been tested by thousands of other websites and are actually rated based on their functionality and ease of use.. Plugins provide the entire workings of your WordPress site by providing added functionality to social media, newsletters, website forms, added SEO functions, database backup and recovery, and all sorts of other fantastic features that can positively impact the day to day functions of your website. There really is no limit to what your website can do with these “super apps”.

Professional WordPress Design & Development

WordPress was created with SEO in mind from the very first day. There is no better platform that performs and ranks in Google’s search. I have witnessed some of our client's websites show up in Google’s search in as little as 5-10 minutes after launch. No other website design platform can say the same. We often have first-page rankings in Google within days of finishing a website for a local Sacramento business. This is because WordPress was created with both pages and posts, and comes with a dynamic and superior menu system and hierarchy. Quite frankly, it's almost foolproof, even for the novice. Its social marketing features perform very well out of the box and can be expanded very quickly using plugins. A website designed with WordPress will typically have many more visitors based solely on its design than any other web design platform on the Internet today. Even with this SEO functionality built-in, Sacramento Web Design Group can provide additional SEO performance tweaks to your design in order for it to rank significantly in all the major search engines. We have an SEO plugin Package that we have worked years on to perfect that we configure for your business prior to its first day live. Not all plugins are created equal, and we have purchased some of the very best high-performance plugins in order to provide our customers with a tactical advantage over their competitors.
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