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Best WordPress Custom Login Plugins

WordPress comes with a default login page. But the default login page is basic and bland.

You can customize your website login page to reflect your unique style and brand. This is where custom login plugins come in. They are very easy to use—you don't need to have any coding knowledge at all.

Hero Login Styler is an example of a WordPress custom login plugin on CodeCanyon.

On CodeCanyon you will find WordPress custom login plugins that will help you transform your login page.

Best-Selling WordPress Custom Login Plugins on CodeCanyon

Grab one of these WordPress custom login plugins and bring excitement to your login page. These plugins are affordable and come with the best premium features including support.

Here is what you can do with WordPress custom login plugins

  • replace WordPress logo with your own logo
  • add your own custom background
  • change colors of buttons and login forms
  • change the fonts

Best WordPress Custom Login Plugins

Let's look at some of the best WordPress custom login plugins on CodeCanyon in 2021.

1. ARMember

ARMember allows you to create stunning login and signup forms that you can customize to reflect your website's theme and style. In addition, it is also a powerful membership plugin. 

Some notable features of this powerhouse plugin:

  • built-in security options
  • social login
  • multiple membership models
  • opt-in integrations
  • member profiles

Find out if this login and membership plugin is right for you by viewing the live preview.

2. User Profiles Made Easy—WordPress Plugin

User Profiles Made Easy. is a two-in-one plugin. First, it comes with comprehensive login and registration features that allow you to replace the standard WordPress login and registration form with something that suits your branding. Second, it comes with powerful front-end features to allow users to create profiles.

Some features include:

  • role-based login redirection support
  • multiple social login icon packs for a selection
  • customize login and registration headers through filters
  • custom validations on login and registration using filters
  • password strength meter and support for forcing password strength level
  • two-factor authentication

3. Digits: WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

The login process can be tedious. You can customize your login page by eliminating unnecessary signup and login steps. Make login on your website super easy by using password-less and email-less login. Digits let your users signup up to your website simply with their mobile number.

The plugin comes with a drag-and-drop page and popup builder that allows you to customize your login form to fit your brand image.  You can add custom fields to your login form: text, data, number, dropdown, checkbox, radio, and user role selector.

The plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and social login plugins.

4. Social Login—WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin

If you have a registration system on your eCommerce website, it increases the time it takes for users to check out. The danger is that some users will get bored and will abandon the transaction. However, If you use WooCommerce Social Login, it will save customers time.

When a customer first visits your site, you can simplify checkout by allowing them to check out as a guest. However, this introduces friction for customers that want to purchase from your store more than once (and hopefully many of them do!). They’ll have to create yet another username and password.

WooCommerce Social Login makes this process as easy and secure as possible–customers can log into your site using their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VKontakte (VK.com), PayPal, and Amazon accounts instead of creating a new user account credentials.

5. Social Login WordPress Plugin—AccessPress Social Login

Another way to customize your login is to add social login options. With AccessPress Social Login users can register or log in using their social media accounts. You can decide which parts of the website will display the social login. You can have it on the login, registration, comments, or checkout. It comes with four login forms that you can customize to fit your design aesthetics.

6. Hero Login Styler—WP Login Screen Customizer

Hero Login Styler will help you customize your login page and give it a beautiful, stylish, and professional look. This login screen customizer plugin has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

You can customize the login page by making changes to the background, logo, login form, text links, and login buttons.

7. WP Admin White Label Login

This premium WordPress login page customization plugin allows you to customize your default login page. Through its intuitive interface, you can configure your login page to fit your branding.

It comes with these awesome features that allow you to configure your page to fit your branding:

  • over 25 login templates
  • custom titles, text, and logo
  • customizable back-to link, registration link, logo link
  • over 20 social icons
  • custom CSS section

WP Admin White Label Login supports image and video backgrounds. It also has inbuilt Google reCAPTCHA to stop spamming.

8. Saraggna: WooCommerce Login and Registration Popup Plugin

Saraggna helps you replace your default WooCommerce login and registration with a custom login-signup popup that you can place anywhere on your website. It also comes with a shortcode that allows you to create a login page that looks similar to the popup.

Notable features of this login customizer popup plugin include:

  • 10 available styles
  • over 30 pre-built layouts
  • AJAX login, signup and forgot password forms
  • custom background Color
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • layout import and export
  • WPML compatible

You can also customize the login and registration of your WordPress back-end. If you want to learn more about this take a look at our list of the best WordPress white-label plugins on CodeCanyon.

Free WordPress Custom Login Plugins

These free plugins don't offer as many features as the premium WordPress custom login plugins on CodeCanyon, but if you're on a budget, they're a great way to get started creating a custom login for your website at no cost.

LoginPress—Custom Login Page Customizer

LoginPress helps you change the look and feel of your login page including the login error message. It has lots of customization fields to change the layout of your WordPress login page.

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Erident allows you to completely customize your WordPress login screen and dashboard. On the login screen, you can add your company logo, and change background images, colors, styles, and more. For your dashboard, you customize the footer text and more.

YITH Custom Login

YITH allows you to change your WordPress login and customize it to reflect your brand.

CLP–Custom Login Page

To customize your WordPress login page, the Custom Login Page plugin utilizes a live customizer so you can see changes you are making to your WordPress login page. You can add logos, change the graphic background, typography, and more.

Get A WordPress Custom Login Plugin Now!

A login form should reflect your style and brand. CodeCanyon offers the most flexible and feature-rich custom login plugins available to help you transform the default login form on your website.

Whether you need to integrate social login, customize the styling of the form, or display your form in a pop-up, the library of plugins available on CodeCanyon can help you add this functionality.

In addition to all the premium login form plugins available, there are also thousands of other high-quality WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon that can help you improve your website for you and your users. This incredible collection of plugins contains all types of plugins including video, SEO, eCommerce, and email plugins.

Transform the back end of your client's websites to reflect their unique brand and messaging with white-labeling WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon.


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