WordPress Plugin Acquisitions: What They Say About the Future

The WordPress plugin marketplace is seeing quite a bit of consolidation lately. And, even if you aren’t a close follower of the business side of things, it’s likely some of these moves will impact you. For example, the recent sale of the wildly-popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin is a pretty big deal. The free version…

Recommended SEO courses?

I’ve just finished a full stack web development course with the aim to make websites for local businesses. The next step I plan to take on my journey is to study SEO, as this is a skill I want to utilise for my (hopefully) future clients.I’ve read quite a bit around the subject, but I learn best by being taught a broad overview, before focusing on some specific topics, delving into some hands-on projects that I can then branch out of when I want to learn specific things.I’ve been looking at courses on Udemy and quite a few of them seem to put emphasis on Wordpress which, while probably still relevant, I’d rather not get bogged down in.With all of this in mind, does anyone know of any courses that would suit me? So far, the best looking one I’ve found is this one on Udemy, though it still uses Wordpress. I have plenty of resources, articles and documentation that I have been reading – I’m looking specifically for more practical projects. And I do enjoy a certificate :)Thanks guys

The End of AMP

I worked for a major news publisher and had to get my team to implement this piece of junk.Imagine you have a website and a customer does a google search to find your site and then clicks on your link in the search result. Instead of being taken to your website you are just shown the content within google. That way, the customer does not get to actually visit your site at all.So news outlets pay a lot of marketing/Branding dollars to get people to their sites. They also have commercial agreements to show ads to visitors and they also have paywall funnels on their content. You can imagine how pissed they are when google serves the link to the article and the visitor never makes it to the site.So you might ask why would a publisher bother to implement amp in the first place ? Well because we were told that if we don’t do it then google will penalise our search result ranking by rewarding improved rankings for those outlets that had amp pages.

What is Google Adwords? and How Google Ads Work?

What is Google Adwords? And How Google ads work? These are common questions for beginners.  So, Google AdWords is an online advertising platform that works on the pay-per-click algorithm. It allows advertisers to show their ads on the search engine result page. Adwords work like an auction where people bid on clicks. It’s not necessary…