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Pro Design Tips for Every UX Designer

User Experience(UX) design plays a decisive role in the success of any website. If users cannot find what they are looking for or unable to easily work, then they are likely to exit such websites immediately. User Experience(UX) design for a website is the process of escalating user satisfaction by enhancing the usability, accessibility & efficiency of user interaction with websites. We would like to share some of the best pro design tips for every UX designer:

1. Contrast & Color

One of the time-consuming, however, the vital stages in UX creation is color choice. Colour contrast is the key part of any visual composition. It brings individuality for each UX element thereby making all elements noticeable. User Experiences containing shades from the same color family have fewer chances of drawing the audience’s attention. A well-planned color palette can elevate a design from “good” to “great” while, a mediocre color palette can detract from a user’s entire experience and interfere with their ability to use a website or mobile app.

2. Scrolling

Humans are scanners by nature. Scanning requires less mental effort than reading through an entire page. So, humans scan the text until they reach something that seems important to them. But, in web design, we break up the scanning by using the scrolling points. Scrolling is often underrated but is an essential aspect of User Experience (UX). Infinite or long, scrolling has become a standard navigation pattern. This navigation structure lends itself well to all sorts of sites (commerce, social media, etc.) and has some clear user experience benefits.

3. User Flow

User flow is a visualization of interactions a user should take to complete a specific task on a website or mobile app. It can have different looks depending on where you are in the design process. Instead of using text & illustrative images, wireframes can be employed to create the flowchart. This implies that important elements are included & available for improvement at the same time as the flow develops. The four reasons why user flow is important in the design process are: communication, focus on user experience, documentation, and collaboration.

4. Loading

A website’s loading speed is quite important. Slow sites have usability and SEO issues because users dislike waiting for web pages to load and Google utilizes site speed as a criterion for its search rankings. Website speed must be the top priority if we want to build an exceptionally good website. Having a slow website will bear a negative impact on SEO, conversion rates, usability, and UX. Identifying errors and discovering a solution to increase your site’s speed should be a high priority.

5. Mobile UX

Mobile UX is important because mobile devices are a growing technology as it is easy, fast and readily available compared to laptops/desktops. Users engage with their mobile devices at crucial moments and only for a short span of time. Mobile UX focuses strongly on efficiency, discoverability & services that are streamlined to serve user needs instantly. So, their experiences should be efficient and interesting to keep them engaged. Hence, web developers should be ready to accommodate mobile users because the amount of browsing, interacting and buying over phones will continue to increase.

6. Navigation

Website navigation is the principal feature that contributes to the overall user experience. It can make or break the chances of visitors getting converting to leads. Keeping your website simple & obvious will keep website visitors happy and coming back for more. Navigation is key to the performance of a website but it also affects other factors from retaining visitors to converting them into leads. Ensure that your visitors are able to locate the necessary information that they are after before a Call-to-Action can be made.

7. WebForms

User Experience applies to every part of a website, including web forms in regards to accessibility, ease of use, and convenience. The objective of a web form is to collect certain personal information from website visitors, maybe an email address or their shipping & payment details. If your form incorporates all these factors, then you are likely to see a rise in the number of conversions. Webform UX counts because you want to leave behind a good, lasting impression, creating a positive experience for them while on your site, and convert them into leads.

8. Content

To deliver the best user experience possible, users should be given what they want: information. Unique and good content is what sets your site apart from the masses and furnishes the right message to your valuable customers. All other components of your website like design, visuals, videos, etc. provide a secondary support role. The dominant factor to a successful website is having a relevant and keyword-rich content offering a clear message with power and conviction. The content on your website should target your audience, engage them and compel them to take action.

9. Readability

The tone and flow of content define your brand’s voice while the visual UX/UI design makes it approachable. The content needs to be readable, legible, and comprehensive in order for visitors to stick around for a while. Well-written and content can’t convert visitors if there are UX readability issues. So, getting the message across is more challenging when you have less on-screen real estate to work with. Thus, finding the right balance between visual appeal and practical application is crucial.

Excellent website design is the most crucial part of any product/service and is the key to establish a successful brand. At Hexwhale, one of the best UI UX design companies in Calicut we go the extra mile to create an elegant, innovative and unique website to suit our customer’s requirements.

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