Get Started With WPBakery (Formerly Visual Composer)

Writing HTML, CSS, and PHP code to build or customize a WordPress site can be incredibly time-consuming, even for an experienced web developer. That’s probably why much of the WordPress community has moved on to using page-builder plugins instead. WPBakery Page Builder (formerly called Visual Composer) is the most flexible and feature-rich WordPress page-builder plugin you…

What Your Clients Need to Know About a Website Redesign

When it comes to web design, there are a lot of misconceptions. Clients may not fully realize how much work goes into building a great website. Sometimes that leads them to ask designers to do things without understanding the required effort – not to mention the associated costs. Redesigns are among the toughest concepts for…

15+ Best Responsive & HTML Email Design Tutorials

How do you design an email that will result in plenty of opens and strong click-through rates? There’s a little art – and luck – that goes into email design. Whether you’re looking at the graphic and visual design, or the responsive HTML development side, email design can be a tricky business. Here, we’re going…

How to Monetize an App: 20 Best Mobile Templates

Imagine that you’re ready to kick-start your own mobile app development business. Chances are you’d like to use the best development practices for your first app, and also code it as quickly as possible. You’ll probably want to monetize your app as well!  This post will show you some easy ways to launch your next…

The Best Ionic App Templates

With Ionic, creating a high-performance, cross-platform mobile app is as easy as making a website. Seasoned web developers or anyone with an intimate knowledge of JavaScript can quickly get up and running with Ionic. Its ability to develop native apps on Android, iOS, and more with a JS framework and a single codebase makes it a…

Creating a blog for reading comic books I’ve created

Hello, I am a comic book creator, looking to create a website where readers can read my comic books. Just want to clarify that these aren’t your usual webcomics, rather they are similar to page formats that you’d see with publishers like DC, Marvel, and Image.
I know there are creators who use Wordpress to develop these sort of blogs, but I am having a hard time understanding what I’d need to learn & use to get the result I’d like. I have a couple of questions that I’d really be grateful if someone could answer

Right now I’m learning HTML, CSS, and how to develop sites with Wordpress from Udemy. I’d like to know what else I might need to learn to be able to build my custom Wordpress theme for my site.

Learning coding for web development, while it would probably allow me more control, feels like I’d still be a noob at it, because of how I do not have any experience at it, and how I’m learning all of this for the first time. Would it make sense to aim for a no-code option such as Webflow?

Thanks for reading.

Looking for pointers on how to get started with website/app integration

I’m a front-end web developer, very much comfortable in making WordPress and other responsive websites and relying on plugins etc. to include added functionality to my client’s websites.
Recently, I started working with a client on a charitable well-being website, which has the aim of eventually becoming a community-based platform where members can keep track of their daily activities & goals (e.g physical activity, productivity). The idea is to either link the website with an app/health tracking software which already does this, or ideally, bring in someone to develop a custom app, similar to e.g ATracker.
I’d like to involve myself in facilitating integration of the app with the website, so that either side can communicate by inputting the user’s activity and have it viewable. This is both to develop my own skills, and as the client has expressed flexibility in allowing me to learn and keep the team small, as this is a more long term goal.
I am aware that this will involve building an API hosted on a server to enable the data to be saved and sourced, however as this is very much new to me I would appreciate any pointers in how to start learning this and what the best approach would be. Is there any way of making use of existing toolkits and plugins, e.g Flutter & REST API, to jump-start making an attractive application which can easily integrate with the existing (wordpress-based) website?