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imgfly – Optimizing images has never been so easy – Beta testers wanted!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve developed, a new image compression and optimization service, that stands out with its ease of use.
Find out more on:
Now I am looking for beta testers who would like to adopt it in their website. During the beta, the service will be free of charge.
You will benefit from state of the art image optimization for your website and the opportunity to boost your page speed. I will obtain necessary usage statistics, which help me define a pricing model for the future and assess my server costs.
Your benefits using imgfly:

Simply integrate the service in your website, by just prepending a custom link to your attributes.

Works like magic: No need to upload any of your images to a cloud storage, no need to call any API.

Optimize your images using state of the art compression and optimization techniques.

Easy control over image quality and resizing options.

Your images will be cached and distributed around the world with the help of Google’s CDN.

Easy integration with WordPress.

Free of charge during the beta.

Please let me know what you think.
If you’re interested in using it, just shoot me a message here on reddit or over on 🙂
Cheers, Philipp!

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