Display WooCommerce Categories, Subcategories, and Products in Separate Lists

What You’ll Be Creating WooCommerce gives you a few options as to what you can display on your archive pages: products categories (on the main shop page) or subcategories (on category pages) both products and categories. When I’m setting up a store, I normally select the third option: products and categories/subcategories. This means visitors to…

Creating a booking system with WordPress or Laravel?

As a web developer employee I work with Wordpress and do create custom themes. So I do have a bit knowhow how the development of a website with WP happens.For example: The most thing I do is hooking into events of plugins, change the behavior until it matches the requirement of our client. I do create custom fields with ACF and create custom posts, taxonomies, Shortcodes etc.
I mean with the aid of plugins which deliver the functionality out of the box it’s not that complicated to add functionality to the website. With the ability to change the behavior via hooks I can modify the behavior as I would like.
Now my question:
I want to build a website like https://www.expedia.com, not that complicated but where companies can create an account and each company (user) has a profile. The website visitor sees all companies at the homepage and can set filters. The visitor of the website can also rate each company and write a comment. The visitor should have the option to save companies as a “bookmark” and view all saved companies, and send an email to these companies with one click.Maybe I’ll add some functionalities later but these are the main features the website should have.
As a junior developer (1 1/2 years work experience) I do have slightly more experience with Wordpress than with laravel. Actually I have used laravel only for some small private projects but I’m interested in gaining more experience with laravel.
So what would you recommend? Wordpress or laravel? I do know that Wordpress has many stuff out of the box but it’s also a “heavy”, bloated CMS system. I mean even the database of Wordpress has many unnecessary tables which I might not use for my project, as far as I can see.I also think that with frameworks like laravel you have more “freedom” to develop the things you want, right?
It would be nice to gain more knowhow in developing with laravel but maybe I’m too optimistic and in the end I do struggle to make such a well-rounded web application.Would you recommend me to develop with laravel? How long do you think I do take to finish this application as a junior developer?Few weeks? One month? Longer?

Smashing Podcast Episode 32: Review Of The Year 2020

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AI Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce for 2021

Have you tried answering every question from every customer that comes to your website? How about making personalized real-time product suggestions to every customer on your website? Or suggestions about what to read next? While it is possible to do this manually, these tasks can all be better handled by the computer with machine learning.…

How to Upload an HTML File to WordPress

In this article, we’ll discuss a couple of different ways that you can upload an HTML file to your WordPress website. Why Do You Need to Upload an HTML File to WordPress? When you’re working with a WordPress website, you can use anything from static posts, pages to fancy dynamic features like image galleries, magazines,…