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Where do I find the “SUPER NEW USER” section?

I can’t for the life of me understand this “easy install” tutorial. I feel like I’ve reinstalled my server at least 8 times starting over. I love the challenge so I want to get through it but there are just some things I feel like I’m missing and not sure how to search for it on the interwebs.
So I’m trying to install Tiny Tiny RSS on a Vultr server using CentOS7. I heard that CentOS7 would be a good OS, considering I’d like to eventually have a portfolio page up for my designs, maybe some sort of FTP for some files in case I need to transfer and just various personal things. Mainly a playground I can learn in. But Tiny RSS is my #1 project.
I’m following this guide to install it :
This is the first time I EVER work on a VPS, so I know I may be a little ahead of myself here but I feel like maybe I’m just arms length from completing it. I’ve worked on hosted servers a bit in the past.
I’m getting to the point where I need to edit a few of the files on the server but…. how?
I’m using PuTTy but there’s no edit button. And I can’t find the files list in the Vultr dashboard.
Do I need an FTP to log in to the backend and download, edit and reupload?
I feel like there must be a better way that I just don’t know about.
Any help would be super appreciated.
Also, if you guys recommend a different VPS or a different OS, by all means… As I said, my super first time dealing with any of this and my experience with web hosting is back when GoDaddy and Wordpress 2.0 was brand new.