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Boss Asked Me to Recreate This Website – Where to Find Templates?

My boss has asked me to create a website similar to https://www.rawstory.com/. I have a social media background and very limited web dev skills. I made my own site on Wordpress but it’s very simple and I haven’t customized it in any way.
Do you know how I would go about finding a template like this? He likes the homepage in particular.

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Looking for a special kind of popup for a website I'm working on.

Hey guys,
I’m a new, self-taught dev who just recently starting my first professional job. I’m looking into setting up a sort of special feature for a work project. This project is for a WordPress site, but I felt that it was more about web development than WP, which is why I’m posting here.
Basically, I need to be able to click a button underneath a blog post tile (on the main page), after which a popup will display with the title, image and content of the blog post inside.
The sort of loose example I was given was this site (when you press Learn More):
How advanced is something like this to implement? Is there any way for me to pull the WordPress code that this site used (it is a WordPress site also)
A requirement is that the popup itself needs to be AODA compliant (basically being accessible).
Can anyone give me some guidance with this task?