How to Make a Media Query-less Card Component

Fun fact: it’s possible to create responsive components without any media queries at all. Certainly, if we had container queries, those would be very useful for responsive design at the component level. But we don’t. Still, with or without container queries, we can do things to make our components surprisingly responsive. We’ll use concepts from…

The Complete Ecommerce Website Development Guide for Beginners (2020)

Do you know what’s more daunting than setting up an eCommerce store? The idea of not setting it when your competitors are going global.   Yes, you have to scratch your head, strategizing day in and out to keep up with your competitors’ pace, but every effort is worth the wait.  From finalizing the product list…

Is the WordPress Comment System Still Relevant?

When it comes to web technology, most solutions tend to come and go at lightning speed. What was once a legitimate benefit to users gets replaced by something else. It’s the cycle of life that we’ve come to expect. Still, there are a few items that actually do stick around well past their prime. This…

12 size variants of one image. Multiply that with 8. Is there a better and optimized way to scaling images?

By the way, this is a snippet of the tree structure of the JSON response.
I have seen similar things before in websites that are either built by site builder, magazines, and luxury product sites. I can understand the need for resolution but is this the industry standard?
To be honest, I am just curious about the process and how did they come to this decision. I am trying to learn by reverse engineering websites.
Like what’s going through the mind of the back end developers mind? 12 variants for the same image. Does the web designer show the design and the front end guy says “yeah I need twelve different size variants of the same image” something like that?
And the backend developers solution is to store 12 variants of each image in the database? How unusually large the storage must be for a single website. So, what will be the other solution then is to create or resize a mother image to the desired scale based on the API call? So more computation cost.
The reasoning behind this is the question.

What is this kind of web design called?

Here are some examples
I am always super inspired by websites and agencies that do this sort of work, but I’m not really sure what to call it. The only thing I know to call it is “Interactive Web Design/UX” but I’m not sure if there’s any other name for it.
Does anyone know where to find good tutorials/courses for this kind of mixed media webdesign, all these agencies seamlessly mix CSS Canvas and WebGL but I never see anyone teaching this kind of stuff.
Thanks in advance for any leads!

My Optimized Portfolio

Link To Portfolio
Full Disclaimer: The design is not mine, but a fork of someone else’s website. (The content, optimizations and some improvements are mine though)
So, I am no web designer. It’s not that I don’t know HTML or CSS, it’s just that I am not good at designing something from scratch. As a result, my portfolio always used an HTML5 theme from somewhere. My previous design of the portfolio wasn’t exactly “dev” based, and it was difficult displaying my work there. A couple of weeks ago, I came across the site of another developer and really liked the simple design, and after asking him, I forked it and made changes to fit my requirements.
I won’t bore you with the complete details (as I already have written a detailed blog post), but I added a CMS, a custom Static Site Generator (as my requirements were small) and optimized it a lot. (It scores perfectly on lighthouse test, except for the performance which varies from 97-99).
Link To Portfolio
Link to Blog Post detailing the work I did

Use Elementor Template Kits to Create a Custom WordPress 404 Page

Even the best website will throw a 404 error from time to time, so why not use this error to your advantage? You might take this opportunity to entertain visitors with a humorous or quirky 404 page that really showcases your personality. Or perhaps you try to re-engage disappointed visitors by highlighting all of your…