Finding a Niche as a Designer Isn’t Just an Overused Cliché

Here’s a scenario for you. Post-COVID, you’re out with your friends, and you’re getting hungry. The members of your group start suggesting places where you can go and grab some dinner. There are a lot of eclectic suggestions being thrown about – Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Greek – and none of you is sure what you’re…

The Challenge of Switching from a Page Builder to the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

The time has come. The WordPress Gutenberg block editor has become reliable enough to power your existing website. You can now eschew that aged page builder plugin in favor of a native content editor. That’s the situation I’ve found myself in. A client that has, for years, utilized a bundled, out-of-date page builder is ready…

Should The Web Expose Hardware Capabilities?

I have recently been interested in the difference of opinions between the different browser vendors about the future of the web — specifically in the various efforts to push web platform capabilities closer to native platforms, such as Chromium’s Project Fugu. The main positions can be summarized as: Google (together with partners like Intel, Microsoft…

After putting it off for years, I finally released a new website and portfolio this year. What do you think?

Sorry, some of you may recognise this was posted a few days ago: I missed the ‘Showoff Saturday’ rules and had my original post removed. Hopefully today it will be ok!

I’ve been in front-end web development for nearly two decades at this point, my personal website has been a key way of selling myself for the decade or more. Inevitably, it has always fallen behind in importance compared to paying work so has only had two major updates in that time.
During the Covid slow-down, I finally managed to get the latest version (which I’d been working on on-and-off for over a year) finished and live. Now that it’s been up for a little while, I would love to get feedback and opinions from you all.
The URL is
With the very nature of web design, it’s very difficult to do something a little ‘different’ – I worry that it’s overworked. I’ve also found choosing portfolio items without stuffing hundreds in there really difficult.
So: what do you think?

Adding to the Body Class in WordPress

In this short tutorial, we look at the WordPress body class and how we can manipulate it using core API calls. Specifically, we cover adding body classes, removing body classes, conditionally adding body classes and some use cases. The tutorial uses some simple PHP—if you’re not confident using the WordPress programming language, try our free…

Smashing Podcast Episode 32: Review Of The Year 2020

In this episode, we’re taking a look back at 2020. Who did we speak to in our episodes this year, and what did we learn? Let’s listen back to some clips to find out. Show Notes You can find all of our past episodes, including a full transcript of every interview at See you…