I want to get into web development, what should my web dev roadmap be?

I want to get into web development, and I want a clear roadmap on how I’m going to approach learning web development. By doing some research, I’ve came to conclusion that web development is separated into few sections.

So first I would need to learn the basics, which is basic HTML, HTML5, CSS and Javascript

Then I learn responsive web design with HTML and CSS

Afterwards, I choose a CSS framework, which will probably be Bootstrap

Then I’d need to choose a front end framework, I choose from React, Vue and Angular (maybe React? idk)

After learning front end I guess I’d move to backend. For backend, I think I’ll learn Node.js

Then finally for Databases, MySQL seems to the best choice

So the question is: do you think this roadmap is good? What would you change about it? Which CSS / Javascript framework would you choose?
I also know Sass and Typescript exists. When should I start learning these two languages?
Oh and also is freecodecamp a good series to learn from on Youtube? They seem to have very good and resourceful tutorials on each language I mentioned above. Or alternatively I can use their website, which grants me a certificate, but I’d need to learn every language in their website which seems like an overkill. What do you think?
Last question, but what IDE should I use? I have a Jetbrains educational license and so I can use their paid IDEs. This makes it so I can use either: Visual Studio / Intellij Idea / Webstorm / Phpstorm. Which one would you recommend?

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