Designing With Reduced Motion For Motion Sensitivities

CSS has recently added features that allow us to recognize certain user preferences and qualities of the user’s current environment. One of those new features, specifically the prefers-reduced-motion media feature, can be especially useful for designing more inclusive motion on the web. A few years back, I wrote an article about designing safer web animation…

Forms and mailing lists

Hello everyone
I’m in the process of having my site migrated/recreated as a static site on Netlify.
I want a very simple mailing list subscription form on the site – I’m looking for something both free and without branding. I’m dealing with very low signup volumes here. I don’t need fancy graphics and all the other premium shit, mostly just basic text and maybe an image attachment.
So I’m wondering what kind of options exist? Does Google Sheets and Gmail have something that can be rustled up here? E.G have the form add their email to a Google Sheet, and then maybe there’s some way to have Gmail intelligently update a contact list/email list with those names, or something? Maybe I’d have to use an extension like this one ?
Worst case scenario, I’m considering having the signup form simply email me with the person’s address in the body, and I will manually add their email to a contact list in Gmail. Then when it comes time to send out an email, I can do that relatively easily in Gmail by sending to the list in Gmail.

Ideas, pontifications welcome 🙂

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