11 Digital Marketing Channels for eCommerce in 2020— reaching your audience before competitors reach them

Now that you own an eCommerce, the very first thing you must be wondering is: where do I get traffic from? Once you’ve known sources of your customers, that’s where your digital marketing strategies need to be targeted at. How do you market your brick and mortar business? Print! Pamphlets! Word-of-mouth! And that’s it. You’ve…

8 Horizontal Rules and Dividers Enhanced with CSS

Some design elements are so common that they almost become afterthoughts. The horizontal rule is one of them. It’s easy to simply place them within our content without any attention to detail. But this venerable HTML tag is capable of doing so much more – thanks to some clever CSS. Horizontal rules can be quite…

20 Essential WordPress Utilities to Manage Your Site

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How to Turn Your WordPress Website into a Mobile App

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How to Create the Perfect E-Learning Website – 9 Tips

“By 2026, the worldwide e-learning market is expected to grow exponentially surpassing 370 billion U.S. dollars.”   In this modern age, online learning has become a great way to learn anything and everything: from learning new recipes to learning how to invest in the share market. Thanks to the invention of mobile devices and internet…

Make 0 space between image and rest of body?

Here’s a test fiddle https://jsfiddle.net/s0uobvy7/
I’m writing an electronjs app that shows me images as a slideshow. The problem I currently have is the body is always 3px taller than the image. Because of this when I set width/height of the window it’s 3px taller than expected and brings up scrollbars.
Now I can fix this with overflow hidden but when I actually want a scrollbar (cause the image is taller than the monitor) then 1) I’ll need to detect and enable it 2) still 3pixels taller
Any ideas what’s causing the extra space? border/margin/padding are 0 to various things

html, head, body, div, span, p, img, video {
border: 0;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;

15+ Best Twitch Stream Overlay Templates in 2020 (Free & Premium)

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