My Website is not on the First Page of Google: What Can I Do to Fix This?

Studies show that Half of Websites Aren’t Even showing up near the First Page of search engines: What Can You Do to Fix This? Introduction It’s no secret that websites are struggling to rank on the first page of Google. In fact, research shows that over 50% of webpages aren’t even showing up! But what…

A Guide To Attracting Clients To Your Agency

Without a doubt, word-of-mouth recommendation is an incredibly desirable way to win work. It requires zero marketing efforts and typically converts at a higher rate as your agency has been recommended. You should always be seeking to nurture word-of-mouth recommendations, and projects which come this way should make up a significant percentage of your income.…

React Compatibility Issues in Firefox vs Chrome

I’m currently learning React and have noticed some unusual behavior in the Firefox browser.The example is a nav bar containing a logo on the left, some links in the center, and some social media icons on the right.When I open the link below in Chrome, everything is displayed as it should however in Firefox the social media icons are completely missing.I’ve verified the “react-icons/fa” imports aren’t the problem and am pretty sure it has something to do with the “.social-icons” class in the css.Here is the tutorial Source Code.In Navbar.js the unordered list pulls the icon and url data form data.js and has “social-icons” class:
{ = > {
const { id, url, icon } = socialIcon;
return (



The CSS is responsive and only shows the icons on larger screens.Please open the link below in Chrome and Firefox to see the difference.Navigation BarWhen inspecting the html elements in Firefox, they are present but for some reason those are greyed out and are not being displayed.Any help would be appreciated as I’m sure I’ll run into this again in the future.Thanks in advance.

Color Tools And Resources

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on color tools and resources for all kinds of projects, from all types of color palettes and generators to getting contrast and gradients just right for your projects. This collection is by no means complete, but rather a selection of things that the team at Smashing found useful and hope…

19 Best PHP Event Calendar and Booking Scripts… and 3 Free Options

In this article, I’ll review 19 of the best PHP calendar scripts. Whether you need an appointment booking script, an event calendar script, a web calendar script, or a PHP calendar reservation system, you’ll find something on this list. There are lots of reasons you might need a PHP calendar script. If you’re a service…

7 Tips to Design and Sell Merchandise Online

Have you ever started looking for a new shirt or gift and thought, “I could design something so much better than what I see here?” With a little planning and some good ideas, you can design and sell merchandise online featuring your artwork. It’s gotten easier over time with so many marketplaces available as well…