I made a site that lets you add pretty backgrounds to screenshots to make them look awesome. It's open source too!

I share a lot of screenshots and they always look cooler with nice background. I thought it’d be fun to make a site that helps people do that!
The result is Pretty Snap 🔥
Use it for product screenshots on landing pages, website summary images, or simple sharing on social media. It has cool options like patterns and beautiful images from Unsplash.
Behind the scenes there’s some interesting tech going on too:

It uses dom-to-image to render DOM elements into the final image. Very cool ibrary.

I used Cloudflare workers for the first time which lets me proxy the Unsplash API without a server. Even cooler is that I can call it on the same domain as the static server which I don’t have access to!

Check out the code here and have a play yourself. Enjoy!

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