Scrape the Web at Scale With the scrapestack API

Introduction to Web Scraping Businesses need better information to target and reach wider audiences. They get this information by scraping the web for content from social media platforms, eCommerce platforms, video platforms, travel platforms, review and ratings, and more. Web scraping is simply collecting information and data from around the web. It can be done…

Smashing Podcast Episode 34 With Harry Roberts: What’s The State Of Web Performance?

In this episode, we’re talking about Web Performance. What does the performance landscape look like in 2021? I spoke with expert Harry Roberts to find out. Show Notes Harry is running a Web Performance Masterclass workshop with Smashing in May 2021. At the time of publishing, big earlybird discounts are still available. Harry on Twitter…

Should I learn Next.js?

I made an ask-an-expert chat app with React and Opentok and have recently been learning about SEO; I read an article and it basically said react is terrible for SEO and you need to use Next or some sort of server side rendering. Is it really that bad?
I’m also starting to learn about code splitting but it seems like Next.js will handle this. Is there any reason not use Next.js? I see things like Incremental Static Regeneration and wonder, am I going to be giving myself more work than necessary implementing a real time chat app?

my current lighthouse results

Finally took the time to build my portfolio

Hey man,
Congrats on building your first portfolio website! It’s the first step to any freelancing career :). I notice your ‘About’ and ‘Projects’ button only redirect to the homepage – I’d recommend having them scroll to the About and Projects section of the homepage respectively.
I notice you’re using Vercel, I’d recommend buying on Namecheap (or any domain registrar you prefer) and get your website deployed on that domain, it’ll be a lot better for SEO and look more professional.
Slight nitpick bit on your ‘About Me’ description, instead of “I care deeply about building interfaces that are usable and pleasant for the most number of people possible.” perhaps say “I care deeply about building interfaces that are accessible and enjoyable for everyone to use.”.
Mongoose is used with MongoDB so it may be worth changing it to “mongoDB / Mongoose”. Lastly, change “Build” to “Built” at the bottom of your website.
Hope it didn’t seem like I was eviscerating your website, far from it, you’ve done a superb job and I wish you the best of luck in your freelancing career :).

Top 5 eCommerce Trends for 2021

Ecommerce is rapidly evolving, faster than ever before. Having an online presence has become an unavoidable necessity. The recent global pandemic had a significant impact on businesses, and suddenly “online” became new offline. At Maven, we want to help your business uncover opportunities to maximize the return on your eCommerce investment as the marketplace evolves.…