We revamped our landing site with cool designs and SEO optimization, Feedbacks appreciated

Hellow reddit, we are a group of friends who launched a freelancing company for web development last year, we managed to land a few clients and were able to learn a lot in the process. We recently came to know about SEO and waterfall effect, page optimization etc. and decided to try em out in our landing page.

How do we improve more?
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We are building an app that allows you to search Stack Overflow, docs, and code on GitHub. Fully controllable using just keyboard

Hey folks!
My friend and I are building an app called Devbook that might be especially helpful if you’re learning a new language or starting with programming in general.
It’s a desktop app that allows you to search in Stack Overflow, search and read documentation, and search public code on GitHub from a single place. The whole app can be controlled just using a keyboard. No need to use your mouse. This way, it’s easier to stay in the flow, focused and more productive.
If you’re familiar with macOS then it’s kind of like Spotlight. When you hit a global shortcut, Devbook appears as an overlay over any app you might be using at the moment.
You can think about Devbook as a search engine made just for developers. But no ads, content marketing, SEO, etc.
We’re shipping new features every week. Some of the last updates include a way to copy code directly from Stack Overflow answers and something we call the pin mode. When the pin mode is enabled, Devbook doesn’t disappear when you change the focused window. It’s great when you want to keep coding and have look at Devbook at the same time.
Some of the features we plan for the next few weeks:
I thought folks here might find Devbook especially helpful so I’d love to know what you think. Give it a try and let me know!
Here’s a short video of me using Devbook



The app is built using TypeScript + React + Electron.

A fun thing that happened a few days ago. Someone posted a meme about Devbook to r/ProgrammerHumor. It was a great source of new users!

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