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ok, this is for a junior web developer role but look down at the requirements it says min 3-4 years of experience, what does the word junior even mean??

Ultimately they’re asking for:

A BSc in Computer Science or related field

3-4 years experience

Knowledge of HTML and CSS

Familiarity with one of:





Basic-to-mid-level SQL knowledge, specifically TSQL for MS SQL Server

Understanding of object-oriented programming

Understanding of MVC and the .Net framework

Experience developing web applications

Basic SEO practices

…that’s basically “Have you worked at a .Net shop for 3 years? Cool. Did you build any healthcare related apps (i.e., do you understand HIPAA and privacy, and know how to support IE11?)? Even better.”
The only outlier here is “hands-on experience with network diagnostics, network analytics tools.”
For once, this actually sounds like, overall, a pretty decent requirement list for a junior developer who has worked with .Net for 3 years. It’s not written super well, but it’s not insane, either.

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I created an open source software which let you group/add all your socia media profiles and links into one link

Damn too bad you don’t have OG Tags. If you’re making a social app aggregator landing page then you should think about allowing users to add their own custom OG Title, OG Description and OG Image. But since you’re using Vue and Firebase you would need to SSR that with async data and set a Firebase Function to fire a URL that will build your site to include OG tags.
So after a few minutes the SEO value will be there, but the App will still work exactly like it does now, even before it’s built since OG Tags are invisible to the user when they’re on the site.