Should I pay someone for speeding up my website, or switch to elementor?

Hello.My webpage is , i’m planning working on my SEO, and one of things on my list is improving webpage speed, which is poor at the moment, especially on mobile.One of factors is probably a slow server, which I’m already dealing with.The other factor – I’m a graphic designer, not a web developer, but it seems the page runs lots of scripts.I’m using Oshine (that’s strongly based on Tatsu builder), which is a cheaper alternative to Elementor.So I’m wondering, is this Oshine fault? Would switching to Elementor speed up my website?Or should I pay a specialist to speed up my current website?Need advice, as i don’t have the budget to do one of those things, have no result and then need to invest in the second solution.

Tech keeps trying to ‘fix’ recipe sites. Food bloggers wish they’d stop.

Not reading this article, but for anyone that wants the feedback:Unlike most folks I guess, I’m 100% okay with the long-winded stories, affiliate links, and ads as long as I am able to scroll past them. Some of the sites are 100% unusable on my phone. You know what doesn’t get SEO points or my attention or clicks? A site that never fucking loads.I know you want to get some money, but using the dark pattern ads that slide over or take up 1/3 of my screen on mobile, trick me into clicking something is unacceptable.Write good content, use decent ads and affiliate links, you’ll be fine.Or sell an actual recipe book or put your content behind a paywall! It’s okay to ask me to pay! But make it worth it, and don’t turn me off of your site in the first place with shitty tactics.

The Evolution Of Jamstack

It’s been five years since I first presented the idea of the Jamstack architecture at SmashingConf in San Francisco 2016, a talk inspired by many conversations with colleagues and friends in the industry. At that point, the idea of fundamentally decoupling the front-end web layer from the back-end business logic layer was only an early…

I was rejected for a Junior Front-End job. What did I do wrong?

Since January I’ve been trying to get a new job, as a Front-End developer. Currently I work as a Database Analyst in Brazil and have been studying Front-End for about a year. Starting 2021 I finally felt ‘ready’ to start looking and applying to jobs, and I’ve been joining all sorts of tests that take multiple days to deliver, and I was rejected from all of them.Today I was rejected yet again, but I felt that I’ve delivered what was expected for a Junior position. Could someone please tell me what did I do that could be the reason why I was rejected?All I had to do was transfer the Figma mockup to a functional website, and I did it using Next.js. Take a look at the mockup that they’ve sent me and also the repository to the project.I’d really appreciate if someone pointed to me why this isn’t good enough for a Junior position and what I could do to make it better. I must get a new job soon because I’m forced to go to the office while Covid is still pretty strong in Brazil, but it’s been literally impossible. Please help me out.Figma mockupGithub repo

20 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking to increase your search engine ranking without hiring SEO experts? Google and other search engines use complex algorithms to boost some websites to first-page rankings and relegate others to obscurity. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to make sure your site shows up at the top of the list. The best…

Best Blog Plugins for WordPress

Do you feel like your WordPress blog is a canvas? A blank white paper where you could paint your mind and heart out. The perfect WordPress blog plugin can help bring your imagination to life. WordPress Plugins for Blogs Starting a WordPress blog is simple. It requires little effort, and your blog is up, but the ‘running’ part…