How an Increase Web Accessibility Can Improve Apps

We use apps for every conceivable need. In our highly connected, increasingly digital world, mobile and desktop applications are a part of life that we would now be hard-pressed to do without. Unfortunately, however, many app developers forget how important it is to design applications for everyone, implementing the accessibility features that can make all…

To those who struggle to get perfect score in Page Speed Insights. YNWA.

Here’s the thing, when you as a company has either:a really strong brand ( think Coca Cola )a winner takes it all model ( think Google )a high switching cost model ( think Microsoft )a high set up cost modelThen your seo really doesn’t matter that much anymore.Seo only matters to companies that still have a big market share they can tap into or want to conquer.If neither is the case and your target audience knows who you are, you get to not care as much about seo.

How We Improved Our Core Web Vitals (Case Study)

Last year, Google started emphasizing the importance of Core Web Vitals and how they reflect a person’s real experience when visiting sites around the web. Performance is a core feature of our company, Instant Domain Search—it’s in the name. Imagine our surprise when we found that our vitals scores were not great for a lot…

Blog/News site with extra features, SPA required or no?

Hi everyone, this project is essentially a blog/news site with community discussions on various topics (like Reddit communities). I’m facing a dilemma in deciding whether this should be an SPA or MPA. Its currently being built with Django and Wagtail.Initially, I thought it was going to be a standard MPA but after giving some though into it, I realize that some features might actually require it to be a SPA. For one, I would like the blog/news page to be able to continuously scroll and load more articles without refreshing the page, here’s an example. This can be done in SPA frameworks without much difficulties but I’m not sure how hard is it to implement this in a MPA.In the near future, I would also be developing a mobile application for this and so most of the API endpoints will likely be in JSON format. Although this probably won’t be an issue since Wagtail provides support for JSON-formatted APIs.Of course SEO optimization will play a significant part since its a blog/news site but I think this issue can be avoided with SSR for initial page load.I have researched this issue deeply and read every other posts about this on Reddit but still can’t decide whether it should be an SPA or MPA. I only have 3 years of web dev experience and so would like other experienced developers to chime in on this. Also, feel free to point out future problems that might arise if I go with an SPA or MPA. Thanks in advance.

How to get some organic viewers on a website?

Hello there! I’ve recently started my personal blog and created a webpage dedicated to it. Unfortunately for me, my webpage is not that popular yet. I wonder if there are any tips on how to increase the number of viewers for web pages? I would like to tell you in advance that I’m looking for some organic and low-cost methods to increase the number of visitors.A couple of years ago, I created my account on Instagram, where I shared some lifestyle tips and tutorials. I posted many pictures of the stuff I’m interested in, and I’ve gained some audience that supported me in my views. Some people have shared with me their problems, and I helped them with the solution. I always give advice or some recommendations in certain life situations and how to overcome them.Luckily for me, I quickly gained many followers on Instagram. They motivated me to create my own Youtube channel, which I also promoted through my Insta account. As a result, I’ve got many viewers on my YouTube channel. I even started to make some money on it. Of course, it wasn’t a lot, but at least that money helped me cover my internet bill and some other utility bills. Anyway, my viewers stimulated me to take another step and create my own webpage, where I post some articles about lifestyle hacks and tips.Unfortunately for me, my webpage is not that popular, while I thought it could bring me some income. For some reason, not so many people read what I’m writing about. I even suspect that my followers on YouTube and Instagram don’t check my webpage.At the same time, I heard that it is possible to increase web traffic organically. I know that companies like this one — can help in increasing web traffic and promoting a site. I wonder if one of you has tried their services and did they bring any result?Besides, can you please share some tips on how to promote a webpage for free?

What Google’s New Page Experience Update Means for Images on Your Website

It’s easy to forget that, as a search engine, Google doesn’t just compare keywords to generate search results. Google knows that if people don’t enjoy their experience on a web page, they won’t stay on the page long enough to consume the content — no matter how relevant it is. As a result, Google has…