Smashing Podcast Episode 38 With Ivan Akulov: Why Is My React App Slow?

In this episode, we’re talking about React performance. What factors slow our React apps down, and how can we fix it? I spoke to expert Ivan Akulov to find out. Show Notes Ivan on Twitter Ivan’s consultancy PerfPerfPerf Smashing Workshop The React Performance Masterclass [SOLD OUT] Weekly Update A Guide To Undoing Mistakes With Git…

19 Best Logo Showcase Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce

Do you want to show brand logos for products you sell on your website? Do you want to show logos of your sponsors or media partners on your website?  Logo showcase plugins will help you do the following: display logos of your clients, sponsors or partners. let your customers know what brands you sell on…

Recommended SEO courses?

I’ve just finished a full stack web development course with the aim to make websites for local businesses. The next step I plan to take on my journey is to study SEO, as this is a skill I want to utilise for my (hopefully) future clients.I’ve read quite a bit around the subject, but I learn best by being taught a broad overview, before focusing on some specific topics, delving into some hands-on projects that I can then branch out of when I want to learn specific things.I’ve been looking at courses on Udemy and quite a few of them seem to put emphasis on Wordpress which, while probably still relevant, I’d rather not get bogged down in.With all of this in mind, does anyone know of any courses that would suit me? So far, the best looking one I’ve found is this one on Udemy, though it still uses Wordpress. I have plenty of resources, articles and documentation that I have been reading – I’m looking specifically for more practical projects. And I do enjoy a certificate :)Thanks guys

23 Best Button Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to create beautiful and effective buttons for your website? On Envato Elements and CodeCanyon you will find button plugins that will help you create unique buttons for your website.  Before jumping in, let’s look at the benefits of subscribing to Envato Elements.  Envato Elements: Unlimited Downloads Envato Elements is a service that provides…

What's the best way/format to share Core Web Vitals issue with the webdev team?

The PageSpeed insights tool lets me view the CWV data only for individual pages. I’ve been looking for solutions for bulk checks and exports and it looks that only some SEO tools have integrated this functionality. I’m not a web developer, but I’ll have to work closely with the web dev team regarding website’s SEO issue, including the page speed problems. My question is what’s the best format and way to deliver CWV issue to web developers? CSV reports with all issues for all pages? Or a list of pages that are marked as “Core Web Vitals not passed”? Or is it better to start fixing on a page level and simply share the page reports? If you’re already using some tools for this reporting, please share in the comments below. Thanks in advance for your answers!