Finally took the time to build my portfolio

Hey man,
Congrats on building your first portfolio website! It’s the first step to any freelancing career :). I notice your ‘About’ and ‘Projects’ button only redirect to the homepage – I’d recommend having them scroll to the About and Projects section of the homepage respectively.
I notice you’re using Vercel, I’d recommend buying on Namecheap (or any domain registrar you prefer) and get your website deployed on that domain, it’ll be a lot better for SEO and look more professional.
Slight nitpick bit on your ‘About Me’ description, instead of “I care deeply about building interfaces that are usable and pleasant for the most number of people possible.” perhaps say “I care deeply about building interfaces that are accessible and enjoyable for everyone to use.”.
Mongoose is used with MongoDB so it may be worth changing it to “mongoDB / Mongoose”. Lastly, change “Build” to “Built” at the bottom of your website.
Hope it didn’t seem like I was eviscerating your website, far from it, you’ve done a superb job and I wish you the best of luck in your freelancing career :).

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Are lighthouse scores important at all (regarding SEO)?

I’ve that lighthouse scores are good for SEO. Based on this, I figured that the campaign teams for politicians would might care about their lighthouse scores, so I looked up Trump’s and Biden’s website and both had pretty awful scores.

Then I thought, maybe Andrew Yang will have a good score, because he’s supposed to be the tech candidate, but no, it also sucked

If these campaign teams don’t care about their lighthouse scores, is it really that important, and does it really have that much of an impact on SEO?