[Showoff Saturday] another hand coded static site for a client. I decided to do a modern beach theme for this debt collection company and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Which phone size are you getting overlapping logo and content?
As for the contact page, i guess were just gonna have different ideas on design. Full border boxy inputs look fine in certain designs but it felt clunky on the one so I removed the other borders and I honestly think it looks better this way. Feels more open.
As for the submit button, it makes more sense visually to have it right aligned on desktop at least because of the content box on the right. I want the users attention to be drawn to that box first, so visually the button helps reinforce that.
Also on mobile it’s right aligned because a lot of people are more right hand oriented when typing and having it on the right side feels more comfortable when typing. Again, just differences in opinion.
The call graphic has the pulsating circles under it to indicate it is something to interact with and not just static graphics. It goes to the contact page on desktop. Having text would just crowd the area and look clunky to be honest.
As for the call now not linking to the contact page – Thats part of the clients goals for a cal to action. The CTA they want is for people to call. She prefers to do business over the phone and take care of any of their needs immediately over conversation. That was just a client decision and aligning the website functions to fulfill that. I should probably have it link to the contact page on desktop. I’ll get that edit done though.
The branding for this company was purposefully done to not look like the typical debt collection agency. Other competitors have very sterile, cookie cutter designs and our goal was to stand out, embrace the Florida vibes of where they’re located, and have an ultra modern/minimalist look. So what if it looks like a travel agency, this look is done across many market segments, when people find the website they do so searching for a debt collection company and I doubt there’d be any confusion when they land on it given the landing text. This was a stylistic decision we both made. The goal was to NOT make just another debt collection website. And in that we succeeded.

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