17 Ways to Make a Beautiful Mobile App Design With Envato Elements

Designing an app from scratch is no easy task. That’s where Envato Elements comes in. With high-quality mobile app design assets, you can create a profesional application without having to outsource any of the work. Using UI kits, wireframing, icons, and other types of downloadable mobile assets allows you complete control over the app creation…

What's the best eCommerce platform to develop sites on? [IMHO Woo sucks]

I’m currently fighting with WooCommerce to create a custom theme for one of my clients. In short, it’s a complete nightmare of spaghetti code with functions inside hooks within templates and other functions. There’s a surprisingly small amount of information about it. As a seasoned WordPress dev, I’m shocked it’s so hard to modernize and create features quickly (modifying carts/checkouts is a nightmare).
Since we have quite a lot of clients asking for e-commerce implementations (thanks corona), that we don’t have much experience with.
I started looking into alternatives but couldn’t find anything that would really speak to me in terms of development ease and reasonable delivery times.
Shopify seems great, but they ended support for the only development project I found.
Magento seems like a too-large solution to simply pick up…
I found a couple of interesting projects using Gatsby and Vue, these two are most promising: Gatsby Woocommerce Themes – looks awesome, but I doubt it’s production-ready, plus we need ACF support, and it’s not yet baked in.
VueFront – seems nice, but there’s not much documentation, and the community seems small.
My ideal e-commerce solution would be an easy backend as a service that can be hooked up into a static generated site or SPA. I’m not really into developing cart components in jQuery when there’s a lot of ready solutions that will be easier to maintain.
What are you using to power e-commerce solutions for SME? Have you integrated any stores with Gatsby or other static site generators?

The Plague Of Shopify Ecommerce Sales Goes Over 100 Billion Dollars.

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40+ Best Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2021

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Diving into WordPress Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

The ability to organize content is one of the most important functions of a content management system (CMS). It offers us a way to clearly define what belongs where. This impacts everyone from content creators accessing the back end to users navigating the public-facing website. And of course, search engines are also a big factor.…

Stuck with this bug, that I for the love of god cant resolve

So I’ve been wanting to build a quite simple e-commerce website using react and I’ve run into this bug where whenever I would click the add to cart button it would give an error saying that the basket is undefined(I’ve tried to figure out why it would become undefined but just cant). I’ve looked everywhere for answers but can’t find any. Any help would be much appreciated.
Github Repo
Live Link

On the production build it would only appear as a blank screen

Edit – Solved, thanks to u/floppycrackers