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Choosing a good domain name for travel & photography

I currently have nicolas-duclos.com which is my name Nicolas Duclos. However, I’m looking for help to improve the domain name related to what I’m doing which is photography and travel blog.
Nicolas Duclos may be good enough, but I feel like it will not evolve great if I meet someone who wish to also share travel in the future. We can’t be a couple under one name, but I also feel like a random name may look unprofessional when looking for a job as a photographer or marketing.
Here are some ideas from my brainstorming, but I need some advices about if I have good reason to get new domain or I’m just stupid and asking too much on myself.

Website domain
Social media account

nicolas-duclos.com (current)
Nicolas Duclos – Travel & Photography

nicolasduclos.com (need to buy from dealer)
Nicolas Duclos (a bit plain)

nicolasduclos.co (maybe better because no “-“?)

Nico Duclos / Nicolas Duclos

niclos.com (for NIColas and duCLOS)
Niclos (A bit weird)

Nic Explore

Nic Away

Nic Travel (Look like Travel agency)

Nic the traveller

Curious Nic

Nic capture

Nic Adventurer

I’m thinking that my name may be good as a start, but I read somewhere that it’s not recommended to change name afterward if I decide to sell stuffs with other text than my name. Also my name is not spelling good in English which is also why I wanted to choose something else. Do you think it will be a problem for foreigner to have a very French name or people will just call me Nic?
That’s the only thing I need to figure out before I start creating content, because I don’t want to change name each month.
Thank you for your help and advices concerning choosing a good name.
I asked on a lot of subreddit and Facebook group already, but nobody seem to care about that.

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